29 July 2015

Best Restaurants in London to take your High Class London Escort

London is an incredible city to say the least and it is host to some of the world’s finest restaurants where you can treat both yourself and your beautiful high class London escort to some of the finest cuisines in London. Here you will find a small selection of restaurants that are popular hotspots to take high class London escorts out to.


The first amazing restaurant you should be thinking about if you are looking for a memorable experience with your London escort is Holy Smoke. Holy Smoke is an incredible restaurant in the heart of London that serves up some fantastic dishes with a wide variety of smoky flavours. Here you can expect excellent value for money, everything from the food and drinks to the staff and atmosphere this restaurant is an absolute gem right here in London. Make sure to give this restaurant a try as it will not disappoint you and your high class London escort.


The next restaurant is a fantastic place that will really impress your high class London escort by taking her to the amazing Restaurant Gordon Ramsey which as I’m sure you will expect serves up some incredible dishes. Going into to this amazing luxury restaurant you can expect to have an exquisite dining experience, especially in the company of an International Bunnies London escort. This restaurant has received some well-deserved Michelin stars for its efforts which adds to whole dining experience knowing that you are able to dine in one of the finest restaurants that London has to offer.


Our last restaurant is The Five Fields which is an amazing restaurant in London that probably doesn’t get as much appreciation as it deserves. This fantastic restaurant is a wonderful dining experience were you will be treated like a VIP from the moment you walk into this incredible restaurant. This is a brilliant dining experience and it gets even better in the company of an International Bunnies high class London escort.