08 April 2015

Booking a London Escort in Five Simple Steps


When you have a busy working life and don’t have the time to dedicate to a personal relationship you can still enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. At International Bunnies we pride ourselves on our collection of beautiful London escorts and thanks to modern technology, booking an escort in London couldn’t be easier!

Step 1 - Visit the website

Visit the International Bunnies website and look under the category ‘Models’. This shows you a gallery of all the beautiful high class London escorts who we represent. Next to each picture there is a short bio of each model and their personal attributes.

Step 2 – Pick up the phone or book online

At International Bunnies, we understand that London is a city which, like New York, never sleeps. We offer a late service (up to 2am) for you to contact and discuss your requirements or booking. Because we are based in London, we can offer advice on the hottest London clubs, the most exclusive London restaurants and the finest London hotels. For those who prefer a quick and efficient service, you can also book your escort online using the ‘booking’ category.

At our high class escort agency we offer a professional and discreet service. You can rest assured that any enquiries and bookings are treated with the upmost discretion. If your chosen model isn’t available, we can discuss availability or an alternative companion. Also, it is important to discuss the cost of your booking during the initial phone call so there are no misunderstandings when it is time to meet your model escort.

Step 3 – Get ready for your date

Because our high class models are used to the finest hotels and the most luxurious restaurants, we are well aware of the dress code and acceptable attire. However, if you are a visitor to London, it’s recommended that you check the website of your chosen venue to check that you have the correct evening wear and are suitably groomed.

Step 4 – Meet your escort

Meeting an escort for the first time can be nerve wracking. However, our beautiful companions are incredibly skilled and know exactly how to put you at ease. We arrange the meeting so your evening flows smoothly and is the relaxing experience that you’d hoped for.

If you’d like our VIP escort to meet you in your hotel suite for intimate drinks. As a safety precaution, we may ask for a landline number of the number of your hotel room. This quick check protects the safety of our escort and ensures that you are not a prank. We will not reveal our identity at any time, it is merely a safe guarding measure to protect the escort. We take safety of our escorts and our clients very seriously. You may also be asked for other forms of verification as a precaution, please don’t be offended. We like our escorts to return home safely and for you to have an enjoyable evening.

You can also arrange to meet your escort for dinner in a hotel restaurant, this is called an ‘outcall’. Our escorts are very prompt and do expect the same in return. Meeting in a public place eliminates nerves and an intimate dinner helps to break the ice whilst you get to know each other.

If you’re enjoying yourself so much that you’d like to spend even longer with your beautiful London escort, extensions to your date must be made through the International Bunnies agency. Failing to follow the proper procedures puts the escort at risk and could lead to the date being terminated. A simple phone call is all it takes to extend your time with your high class escort.

For meetings at the escort’s place of residence, this is called an ‘incall’. You will be provided with a location and asked to call when you are nearby. Once you’re near to the escort’s residence you will be given the exact address and can progress to your date.

Step 5 – Payment

Although this seems cold and uncomfortable, it is important to get the issue of payment out of the way during the first few minutes of your meeting. This is so you can spend the rest of your time together relaxing and getting to know each other.

Payment is preferred in cash and in an unsealed envelope which is handed straight to your escort. You escort will discreetly check that the balance is correct and continue with the date. As above, if you’d like to spend more time with your chosen escort. Further bookings and extensions can be made through International Bunnies.