25 February 2016

Enjoy the Girlfriend escort Experience at International Bunnies

The Girlfriend Experience, or GFE as it is known throughout the escort industry, involves a date between an escort and a client in which they enjoy a deeper degree of intimacy together. Instead of just companionship, a GFE involves hand holding, kissing, sensual massage and all other aspects of a great relationship. Imagine being in a relationship with the woman of your dreams, well this is exactly what the girlfriend experience is…

Requesting the GFE is often seen as the perfect solution for a busy London gentleman. A lot of our clients don’t have the time to devote to a full time relationship, but still crave intimacy and the company of a beautiful woman.

When asking for the GFE from International Bunnies, it is important to remember that paying for sexual services is illegal in the UK. However, when there is a mutual attraction between an escort and client, particularly when enjoying a higher degree of intimacy together, sex often occurs. When it does, during the GFE, sex is more intimate and meaningful than a one-night stand.

Quite often during the Girlfriend experience, the client and escort spend time out of the hotel and enjoy a date together. The client still pays for the escorts time, but also treats her as he would a girlfriend, or special date. During your time together, the escort and client relax over great conversation and enjoy the finest offerings in London. After the date, both parties discreetly retire to the clients five-star hotel for some intimate time together.

At the International Bunnies Escort Agency, we represent some of the most beautiful and refined escorts in London. For those seeking the Girlfriend Experience in London, finding an escort to meet the wider variety of needs that this experience entails can be tricky, particularly when there is a chance that you will bump into friends and work colleagues during a night out. Speaking to the helpful concierge at International Bunnies ensures that you always have a discreet and professional escort, so you don’t have to worry.

For the busy traveller, spending time away from home can be a little lonely. With the girlfriend experience from an International Bunnies escort, you’ll always have a beautiful companion during formal work functions and a partner in the bedroom when you crave something a little more exciting. During business trips, hiring a London escort for the girlfriend experience is a great confidence boost between meetings. During the day, your escort can relax in and pamper herself in your private suite and get ready to tend to your needs when you return. With no nagging and a woman who always looks her best, you enjoy the good side of a relationship without the more tedious aspects.

When you prefer a night indoors, contact the International Bunnies escort agency and request an evening alone with your London escort. During the girlfriend experience, it’s quite normal for your escort to invite you to her private flat for an evening of relaxation and intimacy. If you’d like a sensual massage from your ‘girlfriend’, ask your escort and she’ll be happy to oblige. For those who prefer their girlfriend escort to dress up in lingerie and perform a sexy striptease, you only have to ask.

If you’d like to book a high class escort for the GFE in London, contact the helpful International Bunnies concierge on 07469 741263 with your requirements, or complete our online booking form.

At International Bunnies, we have the perfect escort to suit any occasion, just ask!