21 September 2015

Suitable Locations In London To Take Your High Class Escort

London has a lot to offer when it comes to exclusive locations to take you high class escort from International Bunnies, if you are looking to take a stunning escort out for food there are few locations that would be recommended one of which is the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant which is based in the affluent city of Chelsea. This establishment is perfect to take one of our stunning escorts for an exquisite meal, you are guaranteed quality when visiting one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. It isn’t just the food you visit this restaurant for either the quality of service is really something, overall this is an incredibly run establishment. This amazing restaurant is the kind of establishment to take one of our high class escorts, remember these escorts are extremely high class so when booking one of our escorts you really have to treat them like royalty and the favour will be re paid.

Restaurants aren’t the only place to take our high class escorts, there are some very good bars in this incredible city to take our escorts one of the best goes by the name of The Bar With No Name, yes this bar doesn’t have a name now that’s original. This establishment opened back in 2009 and hasn’t stopped making a name for themselves since that day, some of the cocktails served here are some the best available in the capital city. This establishment has a very relaxing and welcoming atmosphere making it ideal to take on of our incredible escorts to get to know your companion and indulge in her company before heading to a more private location to enjoy your escorts company one a more one to one environment.

There are many other locations to take our incredible escorts however these two are ideal with them being very high class establishments. Remember when booking one our escorts they are very high class so when you take them out be sure to choose an exclusive location and treat them like royalty to truly enjoy the company of your high class escort.