29 January 2015

What is an Escort Service and Why Should I Use it?

At International Bunnies we understand that the gentlemen who use our services have busy and often chaotic lives. Some don’t have the time or the desire to commit to long term relationships and prefer companionship that’s simple but fits in with the champagne lifestyle they enjoy.

Escorting is an elite, high class profession which is often mistakenly viewed as something seedy or taboo. As a reputable escort agency, International Bunnies offers the services of beautiful, charismatic women to entertain and enchant the gentlemen who hire them.

Because escorts charge a substantial fee for their time, they are a luxury which isn’t available to just anyone. The fees of an escort ensure that her time isn’t saturated with low calibre clients. Her time is devoted to a select few, so her services remain exclusive and discreet.

During their experience, a gentleman receives companionship and the undivided attention of a beautiful and knowledgeable woman. The conversation promises to be stimulating whilst the client enjoys the opportunity to choose the most suitable escort for their need.

Whether it’s a night sipping champagne at the hotel bar or for an important business function, a reputable escort will often pose as a date or the gentleman’s current partner. Over time, our clients form great friendships with their regular companions and build up a continuing rapport, making it much easier for them to select the most suitable escort for the forthcoming soiree.

A reputable agency, like International Bunnies, often represent a diverse and varied collection of ladies. This ensures that our clients have a wide selection of escorts to choose from. Our escorts are professionally discreet and thrive on a versatile and engaging experience. If a client has had a difficult day, they can relax over cocktails with an attentive, listening ear. For those who crave fun and frivolity, they can let their hair down with the perfect partner.

One of the great aspects of using an escort agency is that the client always gets exactly what they want. They choose the person that they meet, they choose the perfect venue for their date and they are in full control of the evening ahead. Instead of feeling downtrodden by the hit and miss dating game, our clients simply pick up the phone and take control of their free time.

For those concerned about the personal impact of hiring an escort, a reputable escort is incredibly discreet. Your companion is fully briefed on the importance of upmost discretion and will never give the game away. Because reputable escort agencies don’t hire to just anyone, you are unlikely to bump into your escort in the street or at the supermarket. These ladies are creatures of intrigue and mystery. Should your paths ever cross, they won’t even catch your eye and your secret remains completely safe.

If you’d like to know more about hiring an escort, please contact the International Bunnies reception to discuss your requirements. Should you pass our stringent selection criteria, you could have one of our exquisite escorts at your arm this very evening.

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